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Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan - Your Real Estate Champion

Kevin Hogan's Bio:

Kevin Hogan is a full time agent with the Paul Gillespie Group at Exit Preferred Realty. He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a BA in Poetry and worked as everything from the manager of a hardware store to a paralegal to a chef. He searched for searched for his passion in many different places, but with the birth of his first daughter came purpose and the realization that the things he was best at were the things it took to make a great real estate agent. 

In 2006 he learn the basics of Real Estate and after looking for the right broker found Exit Realty, now he specializes in representing people in the purchase and sale of single-family residences and income property. He prides himself on his knowledge of all facets of the industry including current transactions, school districts, neighborhood information and related services like mortgages, insurance and inspections.

He laid out his business model recently, saying "As with most businesses, the Internet has changed the face of how we buy and sell houses and I embrace this new frontier. Advanced search technologies and the myriad of resources unavailable twenty years ago has created a more informed and savvy client, understanding and using these resources is the only way to provide a client with the level of service needed in today's changing market. I am a student of the Internet age with one foot in the future, but at the same time I know that good old fashioned customer service, things like returning a call  in a timely manner and being prompt for an appointment, is just as important."

As huge a part of his life as Real Estate is, the other thing that fills his days is raising his two beautiful daughters and helping them to become beautiful, intelligent, strong women who are successful and happy. He has lived in Maryland since he was 1, after his mother moved from Texas to be closer to her family. When he am not helping clients, he is spending my time with them. 


Family, first. Follow your bliss. Every day, in every way, do everything to make life better for myself and everyone I come in contact with. Focus on the fullness of life. Remember your dreams and follow them. A smile does more for a person then anything else you can give -- and it is free!  -- Kevin Hogan

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My kids, studying life, cooking, old movies, DIY home remodeling and both reading and writing poetry

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